Canvas Satchel Bags – Real Bloke Man Bags


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Canvas Satchel Bags


Canvas Satchel Bags – Real Bloke Man Bag – Heavy Duty – Wallet, keys, phone, durries, lunch all together – Military grade canvas – will last you for years

WEB PACK HAVERSACK perfect shoulder bag for any adventure. The tradition haversack style has been in trend for years …

Depending on your age – you might recall these from your school days – when stuff was made to last

Small – 28 x 23 x 8 cm – $15

Large – 33 x 28 x10 -$20



The murse, or man purse, is quite a polarizing accessory. On one hand, heroic male characters like Indiana Jones have sported the small crossbody bag. But on the other hand it’s been the butt of jokes — like in “The Hangover,” when actor Zach Galifianakis’ character had to defend his “satchel.”

We are definitely in support of men wearing whatever they’d like. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t strong opinions about those sartorial choices — which is why we ask …. 

What are your thoughts about murses (aka man bags)? Are these small cross-body satchels a stylish way for fellas to travel with their personal items? Sound off! And please explain your stance on the matter. Thanks!  

“Does this mean I wouldn’t have to carry my husband’s stuff in my bag? Then, yes.” — Facebook user Cindy Ensley Rahe

“If you like it, wear it. If you want to wear a pink glitter Hello Kitty purse, by all means. Do what you like and express your personality — what I think doesn’t matter.” — Facebook user Rae

(Please Note – we do not know where to buy Hello Kitty – pink glittery ones especially) 


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