Bamboo Mens Briefs to Size 4XL


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Bamboo Mens Briefs


These Mens Briefs take full advantage of the anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties of bamboo – Bamboo Textiles have developed the Mens Briefs, contemporary style in a modern colour range. 95% bamboo fibre component with 5% elastane to produce very comfortable Briefs that keep their shape and are very durable.


Anti-bacterial Properties

Look at how the bacteria is eliminated.  No more unpleasant body odour. Bamboo has been grown for millennia in Asia without the use of pesticides. It is rarely attacked by any pests and not susceptible to diseases. The reason for this, Japanese scientists have found, is a unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo named “bamboo kun”. This substance, combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, are believed to give it its anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties – which is not diminished even after more than 50 washes! It is also quite different from chemical additives which can often cause skin irritations and other problems.Bamboo Mens Briefs

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Black, Slate, Burnt Red, Olive, Light Blue, Lime, Blue


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL