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Bamboo Extra Long Thick Work Socks

Bamboo Extra Long Thick Work Socks



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  • Description

    Product Description

    Bamboo Extra Long Thick Work Socks

    This sock is a work sock suitable for wear with gum boots, motorcycle riding boots, combat or law enforcement boots or any higher than standard work boots. Or they are great for even just keeping your legs warm in winter.

    Composition: 92% Bamboo/ 8% Elastane

    Work a treat on Smelly Feet

    What does this mean?

    Body odour results from gases produced by bacteria which live on the waste which is exuded from our bodies – sweat and dead skin cells which our bodies give off constantly as a perfectly natural part of living.

    When a bamboo fibre fabric is worn against the skin:
    hhh* 1 – Any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and taken away from the skin
    hhh* 2 – The powerful natural anti-bacterial property of the bamboo constantly keeps bacteria populations in check.

    Some people have much more smelly feet than most because they shed more dead cells from their feet than others or they have specific personal bacteria which give off that offensive smell. Though no less hygienic than others, their feet just pong! We have not found a single customer who has not been instantly cured of this condition through wearing our socks.

    This same anti-bacterial, anti-body-odour property applies to all our garments made from bamboo fibre.

    Bamboo Extra Long Thick Work Socks

  • Additional information

    Additional Information

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    Black, Navy, Khaki


    Mens 4-6, Mens 6-10, Mens 10-14, Mens 14-18